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Pastel Tutup

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Pastel tutup is one of the many popular Indonesian dishes with Dutch overtone. Some like it sweeter and soupy, others like it not as sweet with less liquid (that would be me =). No matter which style you choose, Pastel Tutup is a delicious comfort food that will always reminds you of home.

  Pastel Tutup – Chicken Pot Pie                         



-Kentang – Potatoes

-Bawang Putih dipotong kecil2 - Garlic, minced

-Bawang bombay di potong kecil2 - Onion, minced

-Sosis sapi dipotong kotak2 di goreng  - Beef Sausage, cut small square and fry, set aside

-Udang potong kecil2 - Shrimp, cut small

-Dada Ayam potong kecil2 diberi kecap asin - Chicken breast, cut small square and marinate with soy sauce, set aside

-Maling/Daging Asap dipotong kecil2 digoreng - Spam or smoked ham, cut small and fry, set aside

-Jamur Kuping direbus - Ear Mushroom

-Wortel potong kecil2 - Carrot, cut small

-Seledri potong kecil2 - Celery, cut small

-Kacang Polong - Green peas

-Soun direbus – Clear & thin noodle, boil

-Susu kental manis - Sweet condensed milk

-Kaldu Ayam - Chicken stock paste

-Mentega - Butter

-Garam Merica - Salt, pepper

-Pala - Nutmeg

-Keju Parmesan – Parmesan Cheese

-Kuning telur mentah - Egg yolk

-Telur rebus dipotong2 tipis - Eggs, boiled and slice thinly



1. Rebus kentang, setelah matang hancurkan dan campur dengan mentega dan pala

    Boil potatoes and mashed with butter, add grated nutmeg, set aside

2. Goreng bawang putih dan bawang bombay, tambahkan udang dan ayam

    Sautee minced garlic and onion, add shrimp and chicken

3. Tambahkan wortel dan jamur

   When the chicken is half cooked, add carrot and mushroom

4. Masukkan sosis, maling, seledri dan kaldu ayam

    After carrot is half cooked, add sausage, spam, celery and chicken stock

5. Setelah wortel matang, tambahkan soun an kacang polong

    After carrot is cooked, add noodle, kacang polong

6. Masukkan garam, merica, pala, susu dan keju

    Add salt, pepper, nutmeg, milk, cheese

7. Masukkan semuanya di mangkuk tahan panas

    Put the cooked ingredients above in casserole dish (or any oven proof dish)

8. Tambahkan irisan telur rebus diatasnya

    Put sliced boiled eggs on top of it

8. Campur kuning telur mentah di kentang

    Add egg yolk (only, without the white) into the mashed potatoes, to make it not     breaking out

9.   Taruh kentang di atas piring berisi campuran ayam dsb

      Add the mashed potatoes on top of the ingredients

10. Kuaskan kuning telur diatas kentang

      Brush the egg yolk on top of the mashed potatoes

11. Tambahkan keju parut diatas

      Add grated cheese on top of it

12. Dioven 375 derajat Farenheit sampai kekuningan

      Oven 375 degree F until the top is brownish/yellowish




Looks good!

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