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Nasi goreng terasi ikan asin

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This food is one of the many of my mom's signature dishes. Our family loves spicy food and I remember even when I was still 5-6 years old I couldn't get enough of it. My mom would sometimes made it with ox-tongue instead of salted fish and I loved both version. 

One thing for sure this food always reminds me of home. Enjoy!

Nasi goreng ikan asin (Spicy fried rice with salted fish)



- 3 cups nasi putih, cooked rice

- 10 biji lombok besar, big red chilli

-5 biji lombok kecil, red Thai chilli

-10 bawang merah, shallots

-1 sdt terasi, tsp shrimp paste

-Gula dan garam, salt and sugar as needed

-Kecap manis, sweet soy bean sauce

-Ikan asin potong kecil2, salted fish - fried and cut into small cubes

-3 biji tomat potong kecil2, tomato cut into 4 small pieces

-Bawang merah goreng, fried shallots

-Krupuk, fish or shrimp fried crackers

-Telur ceplok, fried eggs

-Ketimun potong2, sliced cucumbers



1.Ulek bawang merah, lombok merah dan terasi

   Grind shallots, chillies and shrimp paste

2.Goreng bumbu yang sudah diulek sampai wangi

   Heat 1 tbs of oil and sautee the ingredients above until fragant

3.Masukkan nasi, tambahkan kecap manis, tomat dan ikan asin terakhir

   Add rice, sweet soy bean sauce and tomatoes and the salted fish

4. Setelah tercampur rata, ditaburi bawang merah goreng. Paling cocok dimakan dengan ketimun dan krupuk putih atau krupuk udang. Bisa juga dimakan dengan empal goreng.

   Mix the rice well and top it with fried shallots. It’s good eaten with sliced cucumbers, fried crackers and fried marinated beef.


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