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Empal goreng

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I would say that empal goreng is a common lunch or dinner food for many of Indonesian. The recipe I post here is just one of the many variations of empal goreng out there.

This particular recipe is very simple because you only need lots of garlic to bring in the taste of the meat. My grandma used to serve it with sop daging (clear beef & vegetable soup) and sambal terasi (shrimp paste chilli) and kecap manis (sweet soy bean sauce). My mom, on the other hand, most often serve it with nasi goreng terasi (spicy fried rice).

Whichever you choose, empal goreng is always good to be eaten with warm rice...  

Empal Goreng (Fried marinated beef)




1/2 kg Daging, 1 lb beef shanks

20 Bawang putih diulek, garlic - grind


Asem dicampur air secukupnya, tamarind mixed with 2 1tbs of water

Gula & garam, salt and sugar as needed



1.Godog daging sampai empuk, potong2 dan pukul2

   Boil beef until tender, cut into squares and pound until tender

2.Ulek daging dengan bumbu halus, biarkan sampai meresap beberapa menit dan goreng

   Mixed the beef with the garlic paste, tamarind and salt and sugar. Marinate for few minutes and fry in hot oil

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