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Sate Babi

Posted to Finger Food , Main Course , Pork

This recipe is from my dear auntie, she got it from her best friend, who is a native Menado. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Always the first to go everytime my aunt or I made this for a party. Quite easy to make, but requires many spices to grind =)

Sate Babi (BBQ Pork Satay)


1 kg daging babi / 2 lbs pork
3 siung bw putih / garlic
7 siung bw merah / shallot / onion
5  kemiri / candlenut
½ sdt jinten / tsp cumin
4  bh lombok merah besar / big red chilli
20 bh lombok kecil / small chilli
laos / galangal
kecap manis / sweet soy sauce
daun jeruk purut / kaffir lime leaves
garam, gula / salt, sugar


1. Gongso ketumbar dan jinten tanpa minyak.
    Heat coriander seed and cumin without oil.
2. Ulek bw putih, bw merah, ketumar, jinten, lombok, jahe dan laos sampai halus.
    Grind garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, chillies, ginger and galangal
3. Goreng bumbu. Masukkan kecap, air sedikit, jeruk purut dan gula. Dinginkan..
    Sautee with oil. Add in sweet soy sauce, lime leaves, salt and sugar. Let it cool.
4. Setelah dingin, masukkan daging ke dalam bumbu sampai meresap 3-24 jam.
    After it’s cool. Mix the pork with the sauce. Let marinate for few hours to overnight.
5. Tusukkan daging ke tusukan sate dan panggang sampai matang.
    Put the pork meat to the skewer and grill until well done.

Serves: 25 skewers



Fennel Seed = jinten
Laos itu apa betul galagal? Kalo lengkuas apa dong?
laos = lengkuas = galangal
Bumbu sate babinya komplit juga... pasti enak, klo aku bikin , ada tambahan lemak di sela2 daging satenya agar tidak kering..
Hi, salam kenal! I'm a fellow food blogger, but I've been on hiatus for years & now I'm starting fresh with my new blog. I stumbled across your blog when I searched for Sate Babi recipe. I've got almost all the ingredients (couldn't find candlenuts and fresh galangal) & I hope my sate babi turns out as yummy as yours! Btw, I think jinten is cumin in English and fennel seed is a completely different aromatic seed.

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