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Nasi Tim Ayam Jamur

Posted to Breakfast , Main Course , Poultry , Rice , Vegetables

I got this recipe from my brother's gf, siu fang. It's her favorite breakfast food. However, you can also eat it for lunch or dinner.

I modify her recipe by adding ginger and sesame oil, I also cook the rice with chicken stock.

Nasi Tim Ayam Jamur (Rice topped with Chicken & Mushroom)



1 ayam, dada, potong kecil2 & rebus / chicken breast, cut in small squares, boil.
5 siung bw putih, ulek / garlic, grind
jamur: shitake, kancing / mushroom: shitake & button
jahe / ginger
minyak wijen / sesame oil
kecap manis / sweet soy sauce
kecap asin / soy sauce
saus tiram / oyster sauce



1. Bawang putih di gongso. Masukkan jahe, minyak wijen, kecap manis, asin, & saus tiram.
    Sautee garlic. Add ginger, sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, & oyster sauce.
2. Masukkan ayam & jamur, tambahkan air kaldu sedikit. Masak hingga air meresap.
    Add chicken & mushroom, about ½ cup of liquid from chicken stock. Cook until water is absorbed.


1. Gongso bawang putih sampai wangi, tambah kecap asin dan air kaldu ayam.
    Sautee garlic, add in soy sauce and the liquid from chicken stock.
2. Masukkan nasi, aduk sampai merata.
    Add in rice, stir evenly


1. Taruh ayam di mangkuk kecil. Tambahkan nasi di atasnya.
    In a small bowl, add in the chicken and mushroom, topped with rice.
2. Telungkupkan mangkuk kecil di atas piring. Nasi Tim Ayam siap di makan.
    Flip the bowl onto a plate and it’s ready to be eaten warm.



i just discovered your foodie blog. it's nice. i'll put yours on my sidebar under Merah-Putih Kitchens. Nice to see other fellow Indonesian foodie bloggers around. cheers!
thanks udah mampir arfi =) I checked your blog too and put it on my sidebar too...
Thanks ya.. buat resepnya.. I tried.. and everybody in my family like it.. And that is easy to make it.
Hai Cyn, ini resep nasi tim nya yah.
your welcome. glad to hear that... Astrid, thanks for mampir ya =)
I just discovered your blog when I looked for nasi tim ayam jamur recipe. Thank your for sharing
Hi Pepy... Your welcome =) and thanks for visiting... =)
Caroline.... I made nasi tim ayam jamur. I combined your recipe and tabloid nova's recipe. Thank you. If you wanna see, check out at http://evimeinar.multiply.com/recipes/item/270
pep....I checked your blog...yumm..lebih pas ada kuah-nya, I'll definitely try the kuah and sambel recipe =) oh, I want to leave a comment there but it has to be member ya....but I will visit again...=)
Dear Caroline...thank you, thank you very much for posting the recipe. Truly thankful.
Hi Lenny, Your welcome. Thanks for dropping by =)
L'll put your blog on myblogspot http://indonesia-eats.blogspot.com Thank youuuu
hi pep..thanks ya...=) I tried to put yours on mine too but it won't show up, I'll have to fix it first... =)
the recipe works really well...yummy
hi nita...thanks for stopping by =)
hallo caroline ini riry, sedang pengen buat nasi tim, besok pagi pengen masak ini..nanti dikabarin hasilnya riry
hi riry, salam kenal ya...ok, let me know how it goes...=)
Aku nyontoh resepnya yah....terima kasih
asik, lagi nyari2 resep nasi tim ayam, nemu juga akhirnya hehehe...ada pr bikin nasi tim ayam sih... thanks buat resepnya!
Hi there, i just try your this recipe it was great. Thank you yah. Kamu tinggal dimana?? aku di Los Angeles. I love to cook & bake. Kali aja kita bisa tukeran resep. Salam kenal yah. :)

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